Sharing the Refuge

“Come in, she said, I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”  -Bob Dylan

There have been times in my life that I needed a lot of support from my friends.  I needed their care, their love, their listening ears, their food, their time, their everything.

This weekend I was able to pay it forward.  I was able to give back to a friend who needed a weekend away, and a place to come relax with her daughter, and mend her heart.  I was able to be a good hostess, and offer good food to eat, and a comfy bed to lounge in, and movies to watch.  I was able to listen and commiserate a bit.  Our girls ran around the house, the yard, and the beach.

The stillness of this place is incredible.

The beauty of my surroundings catches me off guard constantly.

It’s becoming normal to see such amazing things everywhere I look.

Amber said to me today that this place is the Universe opening up and rewarding me for making the decisions that direct me in the right path.  There are so many times a day that I am caught up in this feeling of awe.  Is this really my life?  It doesn’t seem real.  I feel as if I’m house-sitting in my own home.

“This is it

This is really it

This is all there is

And it’s perfect as it is.

There is nowhere to go

But here.

There is nothing here

But now.

There is nothing more

But this.

And this is it

This is really it

This is all there is

And it’s perfect as it is.”

-James Broughton



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