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Available for Assignments:


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Elke Govertson, owner of Mamalode, says:

“Stephanie is a top notch freelancer– I have hired her for assignments as well as personal essays. With both she was professional, fast and her voice was clear. Her writing is excellent. She is willing to work hard. This is a wonderful combination.  I admire her personally and professionally and recommend her very highly.”

Or Speaking Engagements:

From a student at the University of Montana:

“You came to my writing class last semester to speak about your writing and the adventure it took to get where you are now. That was my favorite day of class. I was intrigued by the fact that throughout all the times you’ve been pushed down, you never gave up. Even during times when it was easiest to give up, you never did.
I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for writing what you write. I find a lot of inspiration and strength through your writing. So even though many days it may not feel like you’re making a difference, you are. Even if you’ve only helped me. So I thank you for that.
Best of luck in your future endeavors. Continue to be the badass you are!”


Please contact for rates on writing, speaking appearances, and consultation.

For press inquiries, please contact Michelle Aielli at Hachette Books:

View Linked In Profile HERE.

Contact through this form:


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