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10 thoughts on “Published Work

  1. Your article on cleaning houses was amazing! You sure know how to capture your audience’s attention. I love it because my mother for as long as I could remember has always had multiple jobs to raise 4 children on her own. One of her job’s was “cleaning houses.” As I got older I realized I never thought about the work she did just to make ends meet as a single mother. Not only that, but her stories she’d share about the houses she would clean, your article took me back to that place, where truly money cannot buy happiness. I can remember that through juggling multiple jobs and raising my siblings and I, she remained positive. She always remained happy -as for her clients, well, we can’t really say the same.
    Again, very nice work! 🙂

  2. Your article on cleaning houses was very interesting, I really enjoyed it. I also have to say that I am happy to know that you are sharing your life’s experiences not many people like to do that. I went through domestic violence and lived in a shelter, and had to get assistance from the county and state programs. I agree with your description and advice on these types of programs. You have to be extremely careful how to answer and report any wages or changes before they accuse you of fraud. Is almost like “catch 22” is great that you have more money to take care of yourself and your children but, oh! you do not qualify for any more assistance, when you make about $2,000 per month. When you have a family of 4, that is 3 kids and yourself and paying rent and utilities your are considered wealthy. I am blessed today with a job and I am able to take care of myself and my 3 kids. I was accused of fraud by the state and paying off all food stamps and cash assistance I received for a period of 6 months. Because I also received unemployment and at the time I signed my report I did not mark money received. But, I honestly signed it because my unemployment was finalized and two weeks later our President Obama extended unemployment benefits. I did my part and called my caseworker to report that I had received a letter from the Unemployment Department stating that they just had approved my extension of unemployment benefits. Apparently my caseworker never added in the system that I was going to receive unemployment benefits and for this reason they said that I signed the report and I was receiving money without reporting. But I showed the court proof they did not take this into consideration and I now have to pay all of the assistance I previously received plus a ding on my background. What hurts me the most is that they said if I tried to fight my case, I would really have no chance in winning and they would probably cause them to give me a felony and perhaps imprisonment, so they gave me 3 years to pay it back and if I pay before, they will dismiss the case right away and remove the ding of my record. This is the first time I am sharing this, I feel awful about this they make you feel inferior or if you really stole something when you did not hurt the system or defrauded the state. I am glad you have shared your story. I wish you all the success in your writing career!

    All the best to you and your daughters.

    • Thank you for sharing, Aidee. I know that sounds like a general statement, but I cannot stress how important it is to get our stories out there. The shame from being in the system isolates. It’s vital to find your voice, and to speak up. Best of wishes to you. -step.

  3. I just finished your essay on “Cleaning Houses” and clicked on a link to find you. You are an amazing writer who has such an honest voice. Then I read about you and thought what an inspiration you must be for your children. To have a strong balanced mother with such empathy teaches them how to live in the world. You are doing a fabulous job.

  4. Hook and sink, had me at paragraph two. Soo, your story from house cleaning has quite a bit of controversy with all those comments over there and my my, how people love to shout their voice. Pay ‘it no mind. Hmmm, well, I really really liked your story. Inspirational and honest, yes. I smiled almost all the way through. Read part of your blog also, good writing, proud of you even though I don’t know you, you help make a difference in peoples lives, that’s what matters, really… small stories like these !! Thanks for sharing !!

  5. Very interesting read. I am the product of one of those households, but was fortunate enough to be sent off to military school at 14. After my required one year there, I asked my parents to let me stay there. I have had an exciting career as a military pilot, firefighting pilot and am now medically retired with cancer. I have been helping my aging mother and angry Alzheimer’s father downsize into a smaller home. I moved 3000 miles back to Ohio to help them since my brother to whom they have given so much cannot be bothered to call them, much less drive the five miles to see them. My sister is worse.
    All three of my siblings are wealthy because of what they have been given. They are also rude, arrogant, self entitled, hubristic monsters. My mother does not trust any of them. I am not wealthy, I am poor, disabled (but do not qualify for disability), and have no pension or benefits. I refuse to accept money from my mother while my well into their 50 siblings continue to have their hands out.
    I have cancer and will die soon. I am happy and have had a good life. I have fulfilled my obligation as a son to honor his mother and father. Money just brings problems. We are all better off with just enough.
    Loved your article. Hope you like Missoula, I flew one of the firebombers for Neptune.
    God bless you, keep up the good fight.
    You are not alone.

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