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10 Days to DC

"Unfortunately for you, your death will not be as grisly or swift."
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On Working

But I can't get away from this overwhelming desire, a primal need to just sit down and write.
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In Going to Visit a Friend Who’s Sick

A few days later, at two in the morning, Janet sent me a text. “It’s you in the video.”
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Therein Lies your Calling

Yet, every day I still fight. I make connections whenever I can.
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A Mother’s Instructions

I'm leaving my kids for a few days. I'm leaving Coraline for pretty much the first time ever. I'm flying out to the East Coast.
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The Still, Quiet Voice

If I spent even ten minutes remembering, and writing, later that night when she screamed and fought me over eating or going to bed, I could go back to that place where I meditated on the way her hands looked as she carefully picked up a crab with a yellow plastic shovel.